College vision

The college seeks to be a scientific and educational center. Also, the college tries to be a place of expertise that gives best chances for learning and giving advices.

College Mission

All the workers of the college work hard to achieve the mission of the college:

  • 1-Using scientific research in gaining knowledge.
  • 2-Spreading scientific culture and deal with the educational problems in schools and the Iraqi and Arabian educational institutions.
  • 3-Reproducing the knowledge through writing and translating the human heritage.
  • 4-Preparing and qualifying teachers able to participate in serving the community.
  • 5-Training students on scientific education to help them achieve the best results.

College values

  • 1.Getting the academic accreditation and overall quality management.
  • 2.Preparing and qualifying scientific cadres to perform their teaching duties professionally.
  • 3.Providing scientific environment connected with the needs of the community.
  • 4.The best exploitation of human resources to achieve development.
  • 5.Concentrating on the preparation of a complete scientific program in order to prepare the students in the years of study and raise their competitive abilities.